IP-BID.com – The UK’s Online Insolvency Marketplace

IP-BID.com aims to transform the marketing of distressed businesses and assets.

Designed for Insolvency Practitioners and potential buyers, IP-BID.com will heighten convenience, improve cost-effectiveness and speed up the whole process. At the same time IP-BID.com increases transparency in the insolvency process and provides reassurance for Insolvency Practitioners that they are doing everything possible to achieve maximum realisations for the assets.

More specifically, IP-BID.com provides:


IP-BID.com – Creating a one-stop shop for distressed businesses and assets
A single marketplace bringing together serious buyers and qualified sellers is not only an efficient route-to-market for Insolvency Practitioners, but also convenient for active entrepreneurs and their professional advisers looking out for the next opportunity. Once posted, the details of a business or assets are emailed to dozens of pre-qualified interested parties. They then consider the opportunity and can express interests – all online. IP-BID.com then automatically sends details of those potential buyers expressing an interest to the Insolvency Practitioner – in some cases all in a matter of minutes.

Cost effectiveness

IP-BID.com – Eliminating waste
A simple posting on a dedicated online service can put IPs in touch quickly with serious buyers in a far more efficient way than costly, less focused advertising. A targeted service can also reduce administrative time wasted handling fruitless general enquiries. At the same time, by customising their special areas of interest, busy potential buyers can eliminate the junk of inappropriate offerings. Interested parties are alerted only to opportunities in their specified spheres of interest.


IP-BID.com – Expediting the process
Tracking down serious buyers in sometimes unfamiliar business sectors can be labour-intensive and time-consuming. If that also involves costly disbursements – research, advertising, telecanvassing, mail shots, marketing materials etc – the interests of creditors may not be best served by a long drawn out trawl of all potential purchasers. An Internet based service specifically designed for IPs and targeted at interested parties cuts through much of the cumbersome process of marketing distressed businesses and assets. Customised email alerts speed up the process even more. Firstly, they ensure that relevant interested parties are notified quickly of appropriate opportunities; secondly, they ensure that Insolvency Practitioners receive only relevant and focused expressions of interest.


IP-BID.com – Taking care of statutory obligations
In a highly regulated framework, IPs have a duty to maximise value on behalf of creditors. There is additional pressure to sell businesses and assets within a tight timeframe – sometimes within days or even hours when value may otherwise diminish. IP-BID.com enables IPs to fulfil those obligations, while casting the net for potential buyers as widely as possible.


IP-BID.com – Improving perceptions of the insolvency process
Pre-packaged Administration sales sometimes attract bad press. Pre-packs are “under a lot of scrutiny”, private equity firm Alchemy Partners’ John Moulton told licensed trade paper The Morning Advertiser recently. The emergence of pre-packs – the controversial practice of lining up a preferred buyer ahead of the official appointment of an IP – has fuelled perceptions that the process is not always fair and open. “Not getting the best value back for the assets is the danger,” Moulton warned. Such negative perceptions are neatly dealt with if buyers and sellers of distressed businesses and assets are matched online.


IP-BID.com – Minimising the risk
The registration process is straightforward and there are no catches or hidden obligations. Registration is free to licensed Insolvency Practitioners and enables them to market businesses and assets to serious buyers at rates far cheaper than regular advertising. And, for potential buyers, access to IP-BID.com.com and the standard email update service is absolutely free.

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