What insolvency professionals and potential buyers have to say about IP-BID.com

“IP-BID.com is an excellent service that does what it says on the tin. I certainly use it to test the market and identify potential buyers. It can also be beneficial in pre-pack situations, where speed and confidentiality are vital - helping insolvency practitioners to demonstrate that they have marketed a business adequately.” Nick O'Reilly, Partner, Business Recovery and Insolvency, HW Fisher & Company; former President of R3

“Handling a small, specialist supplier of prescription medicines and health products for animals, I posted the business on IP-BID.com more in hope than anticipation, reckoning it was unlikely to achieve a match in a very short time scale. I received one expression from a professional adviser in the North of England who, it transpired, represented a client within the sector who held all the relevant licences. It was the perfect fit.” Andrew McTear, Partner, McTear Williams & Wood

“What a great concept. As a potential acquirer, I can sit back and wait for the opportunities to come to me on my PC, already filtered according to my requirements. As they're all cases handled by licensed insolvency practitioners, I know that these are genuine distressed sales and can be completed quickly. And it's free to buyers!” Richard Mitchell, Director, C&V Data Management Services

“With the establishment of SIP 16, it is the perfect tool. It shows clearly that you’ve marketed a business.” Nick Simmonds, Director, RSM Tenon

“Our first posting on IP-BID.com was a pre-appointment case involving a property portfolio. I was worried that we might be inundated with timewasters but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of expressions of interest. Posting the business was straightforward. It was a quick and easy way to test the market.” Paul Whitwam, Senior Manager, Tenon Recovery

“Can I just check: as I understand it we, as a potential purchaser, will not pay any fees either to register or to pursue opportunities revealed through your site? Is that correct? Assuming this is a genuine ‘zero cost’ model to us, it would be a no-brainer for us to sign up and I’ll do it straight away.” Mark Coates, Fireworks Music (now a happily registered interested party with IP-BID.com)

“I was impressed with just how smoothly everything seems to have gone. Registration was straightforward and it only took a matter of minutes to list a new item. My only slight difficulty was finding the right category. The number of responses was a pleasant surprise given the age of the site.” Steve Elliott, Senior Insolvency Manager, Monahans