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Insolvency Marketplace

26 September 2023


What is IP-BID.com?

IP-BID.com is the UK's leading online Insolvency Marketplace, matching buyers and sellers of insolvent businesses and distressed assets.

How does IP-BID.com work?

The UK’s leading insolvency practitioners post their insolvent businesses and assets for sale on the site, which then automatically matches a particular business for sale with potential buyers. These business opportunities can include companies in administration and pre-packs, as well as companies in receivership or liquidation with significant business assets for sale.

Who can register?

If you are a potential buyer of distressed businesses and assets, you can register as an Interested Party to access the latest postings from leading UK Insolvency Practitioners. If you want to post a distressed business for sale, you can register now as an Insolvency Practitioner or as an IP’s representative. Registration is free.

Who can advertise?

Insolvency Practitioners or persons acting on behalf of Insolvency Practitioners can post on IP-BID.com.

How much does it cost?

IP-BID.com is free for potential buyers. To post an advert on IP-BID.com, the cost is £295 (plus VAT) for 28 days.

Why can't I see an advert?

If you are an Interested Party, an advertisement may not be appearing in your posting inbox for the following reasons: your preferences may not match the advert in question, or the advert may have been expired, sold or withdrawn.

Why can't I see who is the Insolvency Practitioner is?

For confidentiality, the Insolvency Practitioner can decide to include their contact details within the advert, or not, as they choose.

Why haven't I had a response from my expression of interest?

Once an expression of interest has been sent, it is up to the Insolvency Practitioner (or person acting on their behalf) to respond.

Why can't I find a specific business category?

IP-BID.com uses the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) for business categories. If you are struggling to indentify a category you have in mind, please use the Contact Us facility.

How do I unsubscribe?

A link to unsuscribe can be found in the footer of all emails received from IP-BID.com. If you are having trouble locating this link or wish to unsubscribe without viewing an email, please use the Contact Us facility.